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Northern Arizona University Coding Bootcamp

Software developers are among the toughest tech jobs to fill according to job search site Indeed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that these jobs will grow at a faster rate than other professions between now and 2024. Coding bootcamp graduates have an average salary of $66,800, according to Course Report.

Our Unique Program Offers:
Flexible curriculum utilizing the most in-demand technologies
12-weeks for full-time, in-person students
24-weeks for part-time, online students

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What you will achieve

Create a fully functional web application of your own design
Learn industry best practices in design, web security, and Agile project management
Create a mobile web application which can be published to the App store or Google Play
Build a portfolio of your work to share with employers
Build your personal brand, and receive training in technical interviewing
Coder Camps Course Outline

Career Support

Dedicated Career Services
Lifelong access to any Coder Camps course for free
Interview preparation and coaching

Build Your Own
Web Application

Build your own web & mobile application


  • My time at Coder Camps was a wonderful experience for me

  • The curriculum is new and fresh which means we are learning the newest stuff

  • Coder Camps has delivered on all promises. I came to camp with no experience and left with a job as a software developer

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